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Discover now the #1 car loan placement CO. for July 2011 that currently has placement for the lowest interest rates. Bad Credit is absolutely OK!


We started off this blog, as an industry review blog of auto refinance companies that offer guaranteed finance car loans.  We rated the top five car loans companies based on:

  • interest rates
  • placement reports
  • sales, and
  • overall customer service

Since the banking industry collapse, banks tightened up on car loans and loans in general, and the few banks that are giving loans have requirements that make it almost impossible to get a loan.

We have since changed the blog to give you a link ONLY to THE # 1 CAR LOAN PLACEMENT CO. FOR JULY 2011. We also included some basic financing info you can use when shopping around for car loans.

This is based on factors including customer service and satisfaction, BUT THE # 1 FACTOR IS THE CO. APPROVING THE MOST LOANS WITH THE LOWEST INTEREST RATE.


Their  service has closed over 1 Billion Dollars in online auto loans for Americans and Canadians with bad credit across the US and Canada.

They overcome most problems by providing fast, no hassle online car loans for people with bad credit.

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The winner for the #1 placement for the month of July 2011!

Searching the internet for the best finance car loans, and you get thousands of results. You need the right guide to get the best possible car finance even if you have a low credit score!!!

Browse the internet forums about guaranteed car loans and you get misinformation.

=>> Some issues you will encounter when you search finance car loa

  • High Interest Rates:

It is really unbelievable how high the interest rates offered by the finance car loans companies. Browsing the internet about guaranteed car finance creates confusion.

  • Bad Credit Score:

If you do not have a good credit score, then finding a car loan can be extremely difficult So, if you have a low credit score, it will be very tough to  finance car loans. In most cases, most companies will outright refuse you.

  • Low Monthly Income:

Most  companies that offer car loans, ask for proof of high monthly income. This makes it impossible for people with an average income tax return or can’t show income.

  • Low-Reputable Companies:

Head to Google and you will see the list of companies that all promise the best finance car loans.

=>> So, the question here is how to choose your next finance company that offers cheap car loans?

How do you sift through the thousands of results to navigate a pain free, hassle free, automated application process that will GUARANTEE you a car loan.

=>> After compiling all the stats, this is what we came up with…

We currently strongly recommended a company called: Auto Credit Express

=>> Why did the company Auto Credit Express get the top score?

  • High Approval Rate: In fact, 93% of the applications are approved.
  • Excellent Reputation: Auto Credit Express is BBB-Certified. They have an unblemished reputation.
  • Online Secure Application: Fill an online application on their website that is secured by McAfee.
  • Low Interest Rates: They currently have placement for the lowest interest rates for car loans!!!
  • Fast Response: Turnaround time can be immediate in some cases.
  • Bad Credit is NO Problem: They specialize in offering car loans for bad credit.
  • ALL kinds of Fiance Car Loans: They offer almost everything there, e.g. used cars loans, new cars loans, bad credit finance car loans, etc.


… We update scores weekly

… You can safely go with the company that has the highest loan placement score…

Car Loans : Your Start-Up Guide!

In today’s day and age it is safe to say that we live in a world where credit is king. People that have a fairly high credit rating do not have any problems obtaining the type of financing that they require. These people can easily obtain the best deals on housing and car loans.

However, if you are like most people these days that have felt the pain that the economic recession has caused, then your credit rating may not be the best rating in the world. Thankfully, as a means to help people who have less than perfect ratings obtain a vehicle of their choice, there are a lot of different dealerships and lenders that are offering car loans for bad credit.

  • These financing options work the same way as a traditional loan.

The only thing that sets them apart is they are done a high risk basis. Since the individual that is applying for the loan does not have a positive credit history, the lender rendering the loan will take certain precautions in order to ensure that the money loaned for the vehicle will be paid back according to a signed contract statement, shared between both the parties involved in the financing arrangements.

Poor credit car loans were created as a way to allow people that do not have a creditworthy background to be able to finance the vehicle that they need overtime. Be aware when applying for this type of financial assistance, there are some things that the dealer will ask you to show.

Car Loans: What do dealers ask for?

One of the main things that the lender or dealer that is offering you the ability to sign a contract that allows you to finance car loan terms requires that you have is a steady flow of income. The person offering you the ability to pay your balance off slowly wants to ensure that by offering you the ability to engage in this task, that they will receive their money on the dates that they specify.

  • Most lenders will put the people that they are financing on a high risk financial agreement.

This basically means that the person who is getting the financial assistance will be on a probation period. If the person who obtained the financing does not render any funds for at least one to two months into the contract for the financed loan, then the lender has the right to repossess their property.

Obviously, if your vehicle is repossessed this will make your credit rating look even worse then it did prior to obtaining the loan that you needed to purchase the vehicle in question. So, to get cheap car loans, you should consider the following tip.

It is important to have some funds set aside for your vehicle purchase or be employed at a particular job for at least three to six months before attempting to obtain a loan through any type of lender or bank in order to purchase a vehicle.

Car Loans with Bad Credit: Take Care of this!

When getting a loan with bad credit, you can expect to pay a higher interest rate on the money that is being given to you. Since the lender will see you as a risk, they will tack on a higher rate of interest in order to protect themselves. Of course, people that have a higher credit rating will not be asked to pay a large amount of interest on loans that they obtain from private lenders or car dealerships.

Depending on the severity of your credit rating you may be asked to render some type of down payment before the vehicle that you are opting to purchase is available for you to obtain. Generally, the down payment amount that you are asked to come up with will be based on the dealers and lenders discretion.

Basically, by paying a large sum of funds down, the dealership rendering the vehicle to you will have a general understanding that you are serious about financing the vehicle that you desire, and you will repay any funds that are loaned to you.

  • Bad Credit Car Loans: Consider this!

As far as the loan terms, these terms can differ based on the dealer that is selling you a vehicle. While some dealers may demand that all of the funds needed for the vehicle that you want to purchase be paid back to them within two to three years. People with decent credit ratings are typically given a longer frame of time to pay back their financial obligations.

What should you consider before applying for car loans?

Before deciding to take a loan out for a vehicle there are a few things that you need to be aware of. in order to get the best deal for your Car Finance Loan. First of all, you should never attempt to take a loan out on a vehicle that is not something that you can easily afford.

Remember, there is not going to be any reason to obtain a financed vehicle if you cannot afford to pay back the loan that was made for the particular vehicle that you will be operating. Also, when obtaining a loan with bad credit you will need to do your best to always render your vehicles loan payments on time.

By paying on your bad credit loan on time each and every single time you will be able to rebuild your credit rating, and possibly be able to get a lower interest rate on the next vehicle that you decide to purchase.

Dealers and lenders that allow people with imperfect credit scores to obtain loans for vehicles through them are doing this task to help people with low credit ratings obtain a higher score. This will surely help you to get a finance car loan.

  • Financing a Car: Never Overlook this!

To get a guaranteed car finance, you should know the fact that the higher your score is the more financially independent that you can be. Never forget this especially when you opt for used car loans or car title loans.

Everyone desires to live a dream life that focuses on having a nice home, a nice vehicle and the works with rebuilding your credit by going through different lenders and firms that offer financing options for people with imperfect credit scores you will be able to rebuild your credit history, thus allowing you to regain a sense of financial independence.

  • Car loans can do so much for people in so many different ways.

Not only do these loans give individuals the ability to obtain a vehicle without having to pay for the vehicle up front. But, loans that are given to people with bad credit ratings can help them increase their scores and take them closer to experiencing a financially secure lifestyle.

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