Talk with TRYSTAND, an artist with amazing works. On the day when the ego is reduced and be happier

We arranged to meet with ‘TRYSTAND’ or ‘Tan’ – Saran Chueakrung at Noble PLAY Ploenchit, as some of his artworks are displayed in the exhibition. Hide & Seek Collaborate with other artists on the concept ‘Childhood’ that invites each person to think back to a time when they were bright and full of fun While each person’s childhood has many good and bad stories, TRYSTAND also has an interesting childhood story. So how does his childhood reflect the identity of this artist who has strange designs? EQ invites everyone to get to know TRYSTAND, an artist who used to be grumpy and had a big ego. To the day when he dares to guarantee that life right now is “The best age of life”

‍Can you tell me about Boy Tan’s childhood?

He’s a bit of a naughty kid, spoiled, and gets spoiled. But at home, I tend to raise it in a Western style. That is, if you want to do anything, just do it. But we have to talk about the reasons first. I mean, he’s quite indulgent. want to play tennis He is ready to support. Or art itself is the same. When I was young, I tried a lot of things. But as I said, I was a spoiled child. If you want to do something, you have to do it. And do it with passion. It’s not forced. At that time, I leaned towards sports more than art, and then towards tennis. which father came to be our coach But when we started competing seriously, there were misses and missed shots, my father would use strong words like ‘Why can’t I just hit like this?’ like a physical person. I became angry. Then I walked off the field, feeling upset and not wanting to play anymore. After that, I changed to like art.

‍Do you remember what made you interested in art?

I’m already involved with art. Because I read manga and watch cartoons. But if you ask me what makes you interested in art? I have one cousin. who always comes to visit me in Bangkok, and he draws a picture of Goku on a pillar or some kind of wall. And it made me feel like drawing is cool. We can take out our favorite cartoons and place them on some surface. That was the first time I felt that drawing was interesting.

‍And when did you step into the art world fully?

When I became interested in art, I took the entrance exam for the College of Fine Arts. which we started to run wild Because it’s very independent. from general school students Go to class at eight in the morning. Class ends at 4 p.m. After coming to study at Chang Silpa It’s like we’ve become adults too quickly. Freedom too soon You can leave college at any time, do whatever you want, as long as you go to school. So it made me even more spoiled. If you want to travel, go. Take only the subjects you like. I think this age is the age where I learned about life. Feeling like a broken-hearted man. But in the end he survived.

So what does an artist give you?

It allows me to meet like-minded people. Also interested And then I realized that no matter how good everyone is, Each person has its own uniqueness. From there I practiced my own uniqueness. That is, even if they have the same skills But the difference is in the personal character. And my character has been secretly quite clear since I was in school. But when entering university I entered Lat Krabang. (King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang) which changed in another direction. It made me look at art in a new way. Now it’s not a matter of skill. But it’s about ideas. It’s a matter of doing it reasonably. He taught us to have a clearer logic. So it became When I write a picture I can tell you everything about where the picture came from. What happened then?

‍Does that mean every work has a story behind it?

My work will not have the character of other artists. He has a bear or a cat, but mine doesn’t have one. I think every piece is my story. It’s all my character. In order to make work not boring When it’s not boring I won’t be bored. And viewers will not be bored with my work.

So where does the name TRYSTAND come from?

When I was studying, it was an era where people liked to mix up words. At that time Facebook had just arrived. So I set up a page. And then I thought about what to name it. Instead of style, it was TRYSTNAD. When I was confused, I thought it was really stupid. It looks drunk, but it’s been used for a long time. And I really like this name.

If you define your own art Or define TRYSTAND’s identity?

While studying art Everyone has talent. But I have to find my own identity. TRYSTAND or instead of style is my style. that it has a way of telling a serious story Serious matter Let’s tell it to Friendly. Be more cute Some pieces may look drunk. But it doesn’t make me feel like it’s taking too much. That is, children who watch it will feel that it is a cute cartoon. But I think everyone can recognize my work by the lines.

Why isn’t there a single outstanding character?

In my head I never wanted to make a personal character like other artists. I tend to be a bit stubborn and rebellious. Why do I have to have my own dog and cat? I don’t see any need for it. If there were to be, I’d rather have 10,000 characters for people to see. You don’t have to be attached to anything. I have a way of thinking that is a little bit in the middle between Fine Art and Street Art, meaning I’m not on either side. But they can be used together. I try to think in the middle. It’s like if you tell it in an exhibition. with a heavy concept I was able to share my own work as a character. Or if I go to the Street Art side, I can show my cartoon characters. Don’t stick to any style. which I try to make myself able to be anywhere And I always do that.

When there are no outstanding characters What advantages and disadvantages does it have?

The good thing is that it gives variety. It’s fun to think of characters as a group. I think it’s like you have one friend and ten friends. If you’re alone, it’ll be lonely. But if there are many characters The work was fun and there was more to see. But the disadvantage is probably business related. If you don’t have a character, you don’t have an image or emotion, it’s like you don’t have your own logo. That is, looking at the lines as a logo might be a little vague in terms of business.

I heard that I started doing more diverse art. Can you tell us what the diversity is?

Actually, it’s always been that way, but it was during NFT that I worked really hard. And then get a lump sum of money that is enough to manage yourself for a long time. So I felt like I wanted to do something fun to do. It turned out that after that I went to play music and became a DJ so that I felt like I had to put my drawing work on hold for now. This habit has been from when I was in school. When I can’t think of anything, I stop doing it and don’t sit and write like crazy. Then go out and let your brain go, go watch movies, go travel, because I believe that when you feel something you want to do, then do it. The work will always come out good. That is, in terms of work with deadlines, it may be different. But enough about personal matters. I will do it like this. With being a boring person too So I already drew a picture and went to do a visual.

That is, I stopped drawing and started working on visuals, right?

Yes, my advantage is that I learn quickly. But it must be something I’m interested in as well. Now I hardly draw at all. I went to work on visuals until I felt like I was OK and saturated, so I went back to working on drawing. This round of the exhibition (Hide & Seek) is a comeback after 2 – 3 years. The mood seems to make everyone forget about it. then it’s ok So I said that when I work on the day I want to work, the work will come out well. When I’m bored with the visuals, I have returned to work myself. Come sit and write your own work. But along the way I did a lot of things. There was a time when I didn’t want to do anything. I listen to music so often that I want to be the one to play it myself, so I become a DJ, which I’ve had some work with. But I didn’t expect anything like that. Because it’s just a hobby.

Is there a difference between music and drawing?

Playing music is different from drawing, which is drawing a picture. Even if we leave it behind, There are people who really like our work. But we won’t be able to see it, but music means there are people watching, we can see it, and then we will receive energy. Lately, I have believed in energy. If the energy is good, I can go too. If I have good energy I can release energy well too. It’s called growing up. I, too, started passing on some things. I don’t just accept it anymore. Starting to be unselfish like before Begin to be more flexible with yourself and others. The ego that used to be heavy I received a lesson. My strong ego received punishment from society, from the group that I used to care about.

How do you think you have grown?

I dare to guarantee that right now is the age where I am the happiest. which never felt like that In the past, I may have gone through both good and bad stories. When it settled down, I began to see that in the past I was very attached to friends and society. When the story happened I felt that it was very painful. Some people around me that I cared about disappeared. I used to think that there was no such thing as forever. And then realized that we can be alone here. If you want to meet other people, you can go out and find them. Don’t create any power circles. I’m the kind of person who likes to create energy in the middle for people to come in. I like having light, and I like having people crowd around me. And when there were no people around, I felt bad. It’s the ego. Today I have learned that I should not do that. There’s no need to sit and do anything like that, it’s tiring.

Seems to have learned many things.

I believe that if you are okay have good energy Your energy will spread without you even realizing it. I’m just happy with my work. People come to see my work. Come see my Instagram. I’m happy now. And I believe in chastity. You don’t have to tell other people that you are a good person or that you are happy. Just stay still and be happy. However, people around you can feel it. And another thing is that you don’t have to put expectations on anyone. It’s all about being an adult. I like myself the most right now. I started to manage myself. Before, I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. Why do you feel bad? But now if you feel bad, oh, I understand, because it’s like this. I think ages 34 – 35 are the age before you really become an adult. You must face something. Before I really became an adult at age 40, I didn’t know.

Humans are always learning and changing, right?

I think every human being We will continue to be the best version of ourselves. No matter how bad you are this year But when you come back You will always come back a better version than the one before you. I really believe in humanity. And now I’m back in a better version. In the past, if I didn’t like my face I won’t talk to you at all. But now there will be questions about how things are going. That is, I know that my ego has disappeared. which before I did not know myself at all Fame is also a power that destroys people. You have to get to know it first. To become a better person And I dare to admit that I’m an idiot. must be punished first Everyone must be like that.

‍Since stepping into the Thai art industry Do you see any changes in the industry?

Not much. The main problem is support. that has been talked about for a long time That is, Thai people are talented and have potential. Whether it’s an adult or a child of any generation. Everyone has potential. But what will make them comfortable is support. which is enough to stay in the country Does it have to be support from the government? But it turned out that the artists had to organize themselves. Raising money to help each other I believe that if the Thai art industry were truly supported. Already a cool person It might even be even better. I once gave an interview to one media saying, I think this country still doesn’t have a national art gallery. And what is there doesn’t count. Because if it were really the National Art Gallery It has to support everyone. Not just supporting some people

in your view How difficult is it to find a place for new artists in the Thai art scene?

I think this era is not difficult. It’s easier than my era. Because there is media I think it’s more a matter of what he chooses. Everything in this world already has space for him. It depends on him being clear about what he’s doing there or what kind of mood he has. But actually, the difficulties for the new generation are a lot as well. Even if you cast a net How will you sow? It’s too diverse. So it turns out that we were taught to be explicit. But if it’s very clear Will there be a place to stand here?

So what are the indicators that this artist is successful or not?

What is our goal? Want to have financial freedom There are ways to make money with art. Or if you want to be in art history, that’s great, or just like me, who wakes up and does something fun. It’s all about the way you think and your attitude. And the point that says it was successful or not? It would be to create a clear goal. I think it’s more about each person’s finish line. No matter what career, there is no finish line. But it is up to us to determine our own finish line. This is thinking like someone who was bent before. My finish line will be very short. Today I will watch the whole movie. In order to have ideas for work, find information, do research, get ideas, the goal is finished. The more I grow, the shorter my finish line becomes. Some people may look to the future. But my finish line is getting shorter and shorter and I feel comfortable, which may not be possible for everyone.

There is no ultimate dream or big finish line. Where do you want to go?

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to do whatever I wanted to do without being stuck in some way. And that feeling cleared up for a while. Because I feel like I’ve done what I wanted to do. I think that feeling is what might be considered a success.

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